What does Gilde mean?

Gilde are creative hangers drawn out of vintage wooden shoe-moulds.
They are made by using recyclable materials as clothes, old jeans, set of samples… some of them are more than 50 years old.

Gilde have been handcrafted in Italy and are unique pieces with an exclusive feature: the finishing of each model can be repeated just in limited collection.
My work is creating a tailor-made “Gilda” for each customer, in order to gain any time a magic synergy between ideas, materials and style.


This project was officially born in 2010, after the retirement of my dad, who worked as a shoemaker all along his life.
I started working on wooden moulds from classic shoes models like “Derby”, “Décolleté” and “Slipper”.
Through deepening my knowledge and improving my manual technique I addressed my interest to the creation of an upper dressing on the mould.

I felt the need of creating something not to be worn but wearing itself the real print mark of an ancient craft and representing even the creativity of a scenographer.

Gilde are an idea that turns something into a new use, that gives a new expression to items which otherwise would be discarded.

“… dedicated to anyone still telling a tale before the good night kissing.”

Gloria La Torre

Find out the one born with YOU…

An ancient art
is wearing elegance

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